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Erica Waldthausen
Denver/Boulder, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Style Therapist?

While I am not actually a therapist I do believe that emotional support is sometimes needed when going through a big transition. It's amazing the 'stuff' that comes up for women when they are in the dressing room, about to spend a large sum of money on themselves, or giving away clothing that holds memories of a different time. I think being a personal stylist is not just about clothing. It's about helping women navigate the emotions that go along with change. That's where the "therapy" come in to play.

What makes your style services different than other stylists?

I think each stylist has a story that drives why they got into the profession. I believe that's what separates us all. I do have a few components to my services that vary from others as well as a specialty in plus sized styling. Finding a stylist that you feel comfortable with is very important. I encourage you to talk to as many as you like and find the one that fits your personality and goals best! 

Why do you only work on an hourly fee basis?

Working by the hour allows flexibility. It enables me and my clients to create customized plans around almost every budget. Most stylists sell packages ranging from $400 to $1500. I don't know about you, but that is a lot of money, especially if you also need to set aside shopping money. While I think we are all worth spending that kind of money on... it isn't always feasible to do it all at once, I am happy to book services together to create a package for you if that is your preference. If you book and pay for 4 hours or more in services at one time you will receive a 10% discount.

Do you style men?

Currently I am focused on helping women. However, I would be happy to work with men on a case-by-case basis.

Do you serve areas other than Denver and Boulder?

I occasionally travel to Colorado Springs and the Ft. Collins area as well. If you are nearby, but outside of my typical service area, I would be happy to talk to you about options.

What makes you a specialist in working with plus sized women?

I myself am a plus sized/curvy woman. I have spent countless hours researching plus size clothing resources. I also have worked and worked at finding fabric and fit combinations that create clean silhouettes for plus sized women. It is also an area that I am very passionate about. I think every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful no matter what her size and that is my main goal.