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Erica Waldthausen
Denver/Boulder, CO

Wedding Day Blues

I will never forget the day I went shopping for a traditional wedding dress. Being a curvy woman meant none of the samples fit, I had five dresses to chose from and they all looked like they were from 1982. Then just when I thought it couldn't get worse, the woman helping me stretch the dress closed while I was standing on the "stage" in front of everyone mentions that my wedding dress size could be up to 4 sizes larger than my everyday clothing size... fantastic.

When shopping for a plus sized wedding dress call around and ask the shops how many plus size samples they have on hand. Some shops can order special samples for you to try. Give them your measurements beforehand so that they can order a sample that will give you a realistic idea on what the dress will look like on your wedding day. Also ask around to other plus size brides to see what their experience was like and where they went shopping. Don't forget about online options. You may also inquire about customized undergarments and shape wear that could be built into the dress.

I decided on having a dress made. I wanted something simple... plus a handmade dress doesn't come with a size label in it! One thing I will suggest, make sure you try your dress on with your undergarments on and in sunlight before your wedding day. Nothing like realizing on the morning of your wedding that when in the sunlight you can see every bit of under-wire, lace and suck-em-in-mesh and then have to go commando on top and bottom on your wedding day. Not to mention being scared to death that one wrong turn just might lead to a nip-slip. Did that really happen you ask... I am not telling!