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Erica Waldthausen
Denver/Boulder, CO

Big Bag. Little Bag. Everywhere a Bag Bag

Most women tend to pick bags based on color or style, but don't forget about size. A small purse on a plus size body can look a bit out of proportion. A small bag can emphasize a body part actually making it look larger. I tend to prefer shoulder bags that hit at or just above my hip/behind. With that being said... I always try my bags on in front of a mirror to check the proportion of the bag to my behind, also known as The Hiney Rule. If your bag looks like it belongs to a 4 year old, then it is too small. If it looks like you are carrying an army duffel bag then it is too big. The key is for the bag to be a flattering accessory not an arrow that points to the body part it is closest to.