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Erica Waldthausen
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Plus Size Jeans

Every girl wants that perfect pair of jeans and when you are a size 4 they can be a bit easier to come by then when you are a size 24. Most plus size or curvy jeans contain spandex. Spandex provides comfort and a bit of stretch. However, have you ever found a pair of jeans that you love only to wear them and two hours later they are stretched out and almost a size too big... darn spandex!

The spandex to cotton ratio is something to keep in mind. The lower the percentage of cotton the more your jeans will stretch out. While cotton jeans stretch out too, it's nothing like a pair of jeans with high spandex content. Try to stick with jeans that have no more than 2% spandex. The other thing that a lower spandex content will help with is smoothing out your figure instead of showing every lump and bump.