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Erica Waldthausen
Denver/Boulder, CO

Don't forget the girls!

Let's talk bras! They matter... they really, really do! Being a woman of size myself I realized early on that the girls had to be contained, propped up and in control at all times. This is an area that I will not budge on. If there is an excuse I don't want to hear it. Having a supportive bra makes a huge difference in your posture, how you carry yourself, the way your clothes fit and your silhouette.

Here is the rule of thumb I live by... your girls need to be situated on your chest so that they are in line with the middle of your bicep... not at your elbow... and not sticking to your stomach!

While finding plus size bras can be very difficult in a regular department store there are many online options that carry special sized bras. If you can find a bra that fits your cup size but not your band size there are special extenders that you can buy and use with all of your bras to create a more comfortable fit. If cup size is the problem and you cannot find a bra big enough for your cup size you might want to look into getting some custom bras made. One resource that was suggested to me was to find a seamstress that works in the bridal industry. They work with lace and create custom under garments quite often. It might not be the cheapest option, but it's worth it!