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Erica Waldthausen
Denver/Boulder, CO

Belts and Bulges

I cannot even count how many women tell me that they don't wear belts because they feel like the baggier their clothing the better it hides their bulges. The only thing baggy clothing does is make you look bigger than you actually are. Girls, I am here to beg you to make a belt your new best friend! Tuck in your blouse and throw on a belt. It does not matter if you are bigger on top or bottom. This is all about creating shape and the last time I checked no one said they wished their body looked like a potato sack! You can wear your belt through belt loops, over fitted sweaters, over blouses, low on the hips, or at your waist. You can wear large belts, skinny belts, or something in the middle... just wear a belt! Just because you may be curvy does not mean you are relegated to wearing over-sized clothing that hides your true potential. Belts help to create curve where there may not be one, or can accentuate curve for those with a slimmer waistline. Just give it a try!