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Erica Waldthausen
Denver/Boulder, CO

Shopping as a curvy girl

Shopping as a curvy girl can be exhausting. You either have to drive all the way across town and back again to go to the few stores that carry plus size clothing or you shop online and end up driving back and forth to the post office to exchange and return items. The best tip I can give... know your measurements! Plus sizes vary greatly in measurements from store to store. Tag size vs. measurements typically depends on where the clothing is manufactured and every country has different formulas. Also, most plus size clothing silhouettes are made for women who are "hourglass" shaped which means relying on a size alone can be difficult and untrustworthy. So, to help you save time and energy, know your numbers! Knowing your measurements can also help when you are trying to shop quickly. If you carry a measuring tape with you you can hold up the tape to the portion of clothing that you need to be the biggest measurement (if you are only measuring one side of the clothing remember that you are only measuring half so divide your measurement in half too) and you will have a good idea whether or not the item will fit. Remember to always buy your clothes based on your biggest measurement. If you have large thighs, make sure the size you are ordering will fit that measurement. You can always get things taken in!