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Erica Waldthausen
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How to mix prints

How do I mix different prints? It is a question I get often. First off, mixing a bold pattern with a less bold pattern is the way to go. For instance a large polk-a-dot print and a small stripe print. The other key is to keep your prints in a similar color story or work in complimentary colors. If you are wearing bright blue ankle pants with a leopard belt make sure your other print fits in with that color story... so I might do a black and tan or a tan and blue small pattern shirt in that instance. And yes you can mix patterns of all kinds. Hearts and flowers. Different Aztec inspired prints. Birds and stripes. Plaid and dots.When you get comfortable mixing patterns you can easily double your wardrobing possibilities.

Am I too curvy to mix patterns? No. Curvy women can wear patterns and mix them too! Do remember that most of the time a pattern can add curve, so just make sure you are highlighting curves and giving yourself a little extra volume where you want it. A good way to downplay the potential extra volume is by breaking up the outfit with a solid color component. For instance: a black, red and white large floral print skirt with a tiny polk-a-dot red and white blouse and a solid black cardigan. This will break up the patterns a bit and create a little more continuity to your silhouette. Solid belts can also assist in breaking up the pattern.   

Be bold. Give it a try!