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Erica Waldthausen
Denver/Boulder, CO

Ponchos, for grandmas or hipsters?

I say let grandmas and hipsters have ponchos... and everyone else too! Poncho and cape trends have come and gone over the decades and I will admit that I wish they would stick around. Ponchos are a great way to layer and add instant style as long as it is done right. Pair your poncho with something slimmer on the bottom so that the bulk of the poncho is just that, a cozy layering piece. You don't want your poncho to look like you are trying to cover up or hide your body. By putting a slimmer piece on the bottom it tells the eye that it's a fluffy sweater, not a fluffy body. When looking for a poncho keep it classic in color with diagonal hemlines that hit above the knee, this fit is most flattering on all body types. And yes, plus sized women can wear ponchos too... just follow the same suggestions and it will be a hit!